This page has taken me the longest to write and will be my most personal.
It has taken me just over 1 year to openly speak and grieve over
the death of one of my favourite dogs, 'Braxx'.
He was my first male Rottweiler and my first male dog.

Heidi guarding 8 week old Braxx

Heidi, at 1 year of age watching over 8 week old, Braxx.

Braxx came to us at the age of 8 weeks old in January 1994.
I had always wanted a male Rottie
and he was perfect..he fit the bill! He was a HUGE, roly-poly Rottie bear with massive bone, large head and a great, playful temperament.
After remaining nameless for about 1 week, I decided on 'Braxx'..which
was a well known Rottweiler name in the US. I loved it!
It was either that or 'Rudy'!
So now he had a name:
Damien's Renegade Braxx.
Our first Rottie, "Heidi" always had a terrible time with false
pregnancies and I'm sure she thought in her mind that Braxx
MUST be one of her phantom puppies.
Braxx followed Heidi from room-to-room and she
put up with him the entire time.

'Braxx' at 4 months old

When Braxx turned 4 months old, we dragged him to a
portrait studio to have his baby pictures photographed.
He was growing so-o fast that we needed to have his picture taken quickly.


Braxx at 6 months old

When Braxx turned 6 months, 3 days old, I showed him
at his first CKC dog show and guess what?! We got our first point!
He was all legs and un-coordinated and with
myself at the end of the leash at that time..I still can't figure it out!
Nonetheless..we took Winners Dog and Best Puppy In Breed to his
dad, CH. I'm Oliver von Damien CD, CGC who took a Group 3rd that day.

Judges found Braxx's lack of and dark markings hard to put up so I
started him on his CD  (Companion Dog) title in the meantime.
Imagine my surprise when I entered him at his first Obedience Trial at a
Rottweiler Booster Trial when he was 17 months old and thinking I wasn't ready..the Obedience Judge actually came out of the ring to
convince me to try it...sure enough..Braxx & I emerged with a qualifying score!

We had a wonderful obedience school in the basement of a church
that we attended weekly with Heidi & Braxx.
I would work Braxx in his Novice A class and then tie him to the piano and he would watch Heidi and I in Heidi's CDX (Open A) class.
Until one day, I did a particularily animated recall with Heidi and suddenly...
there's Braxx pulling the piano across the room to get me.

Braxx at his favourite vacation spot..

Braxx at his favourite vacation spot.. in Parry Sound overlooking
Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Braxx was just under 2 years of age here.
He loved the water and was the most clumsiest swimmer.
He perfected the 'man-walk' where he would troll the water biting the
waves..while walking on his hind legs with his front legs paddling.
This is what he like to do best..along with boat rides!


Braxx's New CD!

Braxx and I completed his CD (Companion Dog Title)
when he was 22 months old in 4 trials.
In the meantime..we trained for his CDX and we were ready!
The next couple of months were a whirlwind...I handled him to his Championship within 2 days to pick up the 8 points that he needed when he 2 years old.
He passed his OFA Hips (OFA Good) & Elbows, his eyes were CERF'ed,
VwD Free, Thyroid Normal. Everything looked great!

Braxx's Last Winter

Braxx died on a warm summer evening, July 18, 1996
surrounded by friends and family.
I cancelled his appointment many times just to come to the
cruel realization that I was not doing him any favours..just my own
cruel selfishness for wanting more time with him.
I have a mini-shrine *smile* at my home...with his ashes, pictures,
favourite toys and his collar set up on the mantel.

Braxx was an incredibly fun dog, he would make everyone smile,
he would yell and bark over the fence at passers-by, he would protect his girl-dog, Heidi from other boy dogs at the park,
he was the resident squirrel chaser, loved to go
for car-rides, loved to visit people, loved going to
dog school, was a perfect gentlemen around other males,
he modelled & performed runway walks at fashion shows.

He adored kids especially my 3 year
old cousin, Adam who wondered
after Braxx died,

'Where is Braxx?', 'Where is the big dog?'

He loved my Grandmother who could walk him on a
buckle collar but in the same instance,
knock me over if he wanted to play.
He was my circus dog...
He could 'wave good-bye',
'be a bear', 'Do Elvis',
'babywoof', 'speak', and 'bow'.
I really do miss him.

I thank you, Braxx
for the time that we had, the many car rides that you endured
and loved so much, our weekly Agility and
Obedience classes that you looked forward to,
you made me laugh over the years and
in the end, will make me cry for many, many years to come.

BRAXX (October 20, 1993-July 18, 1996)


Mommy loves you Braxx.

I'll see you at the Bridge.


My registered kennel name is named after him...


At least, maybe a part of him will live on.



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