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 Connie, another Champion owned and shown by Braxenburg!


Free Web Page Pedigree Generator

This wizard will generate an HTML Pedigree for 
your web site, allowing you to CUSTOMIZE text, 
border, and background colours.

INSTRUCTIONS (Please read)

The Pedigree Generator Note: To take advantage of the 
latest technology, our wizard has been enhanced for 
Internet Explorer 5+ or compatable 
browsers and will not work in most other browsers. 
however, the web pages produced can be viewed by all browsers

The Pedigree generator is a free service. I do not provide 
support or instructions for putting the page generated on 
your web site. That's up to you to figure out (Good Luck!).
The pedigree WILL NOT be stored on my server.  You will 
not be able to review the pedigree later on.  Copy the HTML
code once generated!

Add as much information about your animal as you like, 
including sex, age, markings temperament, medals, trophies etc. 
Don't forget your contact details. You can include HTML code 
such as <br> for end of a line and <p> for a new paragraph.
Enter names only or names and other details separated by a <br> code.

eg.  Wonderrotts Axel<br>Circus Dog
will render as:

Wonderrotts Axel
Circus Dog

Ready?  Let's Go!

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