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 CH. Damien's A Sly Guy CD


09/13/85 - 09/21/98

We miss you, Sly.

A Young Sly

 Sly, posing for his picture

Sly with his kids

What a Proud Dad!

Sly s-l-o-w-l-y inching forward to the camera
This is Sly while he was still a young lad of 11 years old.

This picture was taken in February 1998.
What a grand old man Rottweiler!

Pedigree of:

Ch. Damien's A Sly Guy CD
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CH. Ilja vom Siedlerpfad   
SchH II,TT  


Am CH. Arri von der Hembachbrucke   
Int'l CH. Ives Eulenspiegel   
Astor vom Landgraben SchH III
Dina v Kaiserberg
Anja vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH I
Attila von der Vierten Donaubrucke SchH III
KSg '74/ESg '74/ BSg '75/ VDH CH. Anka vom Lohauserholz  
Aggi vom Siedlerpfad SchH I,FH BS '78 Int'l CH. Benno vom Allgauer Tor    
Am CH. Dux vom Hungerbuhl SchH I (ARC Gold Sire)
Evi vom Oberen Argental SchH I
Cora vom Oestrumer Eck SchH II,FH
Axel v Tafelberg SchH I
Cora v Leitgraben
CH. Karenata's Apache Dancer CDX 

(#1 Rott Overall '84)

CH.Fairvalley's Kluge 


CH.Vom Heidenmoor Simson  
Vom Heidenmoor Krambambuli
CH.Achsah of Fairvalley
Am/Can CH.Goro vom Sofienbusch SchH I, 
Mex TD
CH.Rodsden's Freda of Fairvalley
Rottnoir's Shadow Red Bee Arby
Georgian Court Gandalf
Ben-Ard's Heidi-Ho
Rottnoir's Red Bee
Schotz Rodsden's Kluge
Sundance's Velvet

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