Me, at New Years!!!!!!!Hi and welcome. My name is Dianna, I was born in Toronto, ON to D....{yeah right, do you think I am gonna get that personal!}  Actually this is a quick story about how Braxenburg Rottweilers came to be. 

My foray into Rottweilers in 1992, began more by accident than design.  I decided that I wanted a companion dog, and eventually settled on the Rottweiler breed based on what I had in mind - temperament, a deterrent, a loyal and confident companion.  I actually had considered a Bullmastiff, but didn't want to live with drool, nor the tail.  Nor did the fact, that I had never owned a dog in my life, deter me!
I began searching the local newspaper, to no avail - sure there were lots of ads, but none of the breeders had appealed to me.  Fortunately, I had the good instinct to call the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), for a referral of breeders. 
Luckily, I was provided with a list of code-of-ethics breeders to continue my search.   It seems amazing but, at that time, I didn't even want a CKC registered Rottweiler!  'Papers' meant nothing to me at that time, I wanted excellent temperament to be the most important item.  That still hasn't changed.  I think back now, and wonder if I would be where I am today, *if* I hadn't called the CKC.  Probably, but I wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting some *incredible* representatives of the breed and making *wonderful* friends.

I purchased the last available pup, a puppy bitch from Von Damien Rottweilers, who turned out to be one of several Champions from her litter, initially as a companion.  My family and breeders perservered and convinced me to show Heidi - and the addiction was born!  I can never forget my first sanction match, and Heidi's first ribbon.
Heidi's sire, (Arco) AM BIS BISS Select Am/Can CH. Black Oak's Archangel, CD, CGC was an outstanding dog!  He had presence, was a big boy, and excellent temperament.  Heidi's dam, (Kelly), CH. Damien's I'm A Class Act, was the littersister to Canada's # 1 Rottweiler of all time, 'Oliver'.  Kelly was a very pretty bitch, although I think that Heidi looked more like her sire.

CH. Damien's Poetry In Motion, CD, CGC

'Heidi' did wonderfully in the show ring, and with myself being the quintessential 'newbie', I listened, read, asked many dumb questions, spend countless hours in the library, and watching other breeds show in their respective conformation rings.  I was gifted with hundreds of old Rottweiler club magazines from the US, courtesy of my breeders, which I then in turn devoured.  I studied, memorized, and tried to assimilate a 'mental image' of what I thought was a 'perfect' Rottweiler...based on pictures of long since dead dogs, and their respective offspring...trying to imagine what their movement would look like.  My analness paid off, when I became known as the 'walking pedigree encyclopedia', which was a bit un-nerving for myself, but I guess in the dogworld, it should be taken as a compliment.  I purchased CKC/ADRK studbooks, to see whom was breeding to which popular/unknown Rottweiler stud dog - and kept a running tally of which dogs that I would see in the rings/magazines whom I admired, and what stud dog/brrog bitch/bloodline was producing what.

At that time, of course, all of the pictures/pedigrees in the world doesn't beat actually seeing the dog'live', but being in Canada, that's all I had.  Being totally obsessed with 'anything' Rottweiler, and developing a strong passion for the breed, I was crushed, in only what another dog-fancier can describe :o), when they see a dog, that they have admired in books, finally in person, and is disappointed.

Now, 9-years later, I still haven't found/bred the 'perfect' Rottweiler (besides, once that's done, I will retire!), nor am I so quick in rattling off pedigrees by rote, but am extremely pleased with my current Rottweilers, and the genotype and phenotype that I have.

I have a vision in mind when planning a new litter, that perfect Rottweiler that every breeder hopes to attain!  Perhaps lofty ideals, but that's what we should be aiming for.  My ideal Rottweiler is a compact, athletic, working dog, medically sound, with excellent bone, a beautifully chiseled, strong head (not overdone), short backed, straight topline with excellent front and rear angulation, who floats when moving, dark, deep-rust markings, dark pigment, and has a piss and vinegar attitude about life. 

Ahh!  I stil haven't met that perfect dog, but I think I am on the right track.  Along the way to my goal,  have bred/co-bred some very successfull dogs in *very* limited breedings.

So that's pretty much the simple and short version of the beginning..... Oh yeah, you may be wondering where the name, 'Braxenburg' came from?   I purchased my second Rottweiler, my first male dog, again from Von Damien Rottweilers, CH. Damien's Renegade Braxx, CD, CGC, a gorgeous line-bred male form a litter of 8-boys, and 3-girls.  I initially did have plans on breeding Heidi to Braxx - but fate intervened for both dogs.  Heidi was diagnosed with OFA Moderate Hip Dysplasia, and I lost Braxx, much too early, from a growth on his spinal cord.  I believe now, that Braxx developed the mass, after an accidental fall.

CH. Damien's Renegade Braxx, CD, CGC

Prior to Braxx's death at 2.5 years of age, I had begun the process of registering my kennel name, and wanted to honour either Braxx, or Heidi with the intended name.  I thought of Heidelberg, Heidihaus, and other close names, however, they were already registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.   I then focused on Braxx's name, and came up with, Braxenburg.  Little did I realize at that time, how much this name would mean to me. 

Braxx's legacy lives on through his littersister, Damien's Rozina von Secord (photo right) ...who produced a grand total of 8-puppies for me...including the infamous 'DONALD'  (photo left), from her second litter.  . Damien's Rozina von Secord
Donnie at 11-months old

For the future, I would to like think that I am on the 'right' track. I *know* that I have a good eye for a Rottweiler.  I want my dogs to stand alone on their own merits, my breeding programme to be unique, cool and funky dog names, and my kennel name to be synonymous with CLASS. 

Personal Stuff

Here are some little factoids about me:

  • I was born and raised in Toronto, with an occasional stint in California, Belfast, Northern Ireland, London, UK, Ensenada, Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamaica and Arizona.
  • I participated in the International Youth for Peace and Justice Tour, which brought students from war-torn countries such as Guatemala, Sri Lanka and Namibia to Canadian schools so that students here could gain a first-hand account of the problems faced by young people throughout the world.
  • I partied at the 2000 Tragically Hip Midnite Millenium concert, at the Air Canada Center.
  • I love:  3rd Rock from the Sun, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Festivals of Cartoon Animation, the movies, 'Like Water for Chocolate', 'Dumb and Dumber', 'American Pie', the entire "Austin Powers' series, anything by Monty Python, Denis Leary, George Carlin, Cheech and Chong, and anything else slightly strange.
  • I have come to the conclusion that I was born one decade too late - I missed being a teen in the '70's - the era of Trans Ams, smiley faces, and my other obsession, music and my favourite band, Led Zeppelin!  Led Zeppelin was the definitive heavy metal band. It wasn't just their crushingly loud interpretation of the blues -- it was how they incorporated mythology, mysticism, and a variety of other genres (most notably world music and British folk) -- into their sound.
  • I am a proud ojibway Native Father's family is from Nippissing, Ontario, Canada, and my Mom is a blend of British, German, and even Italian.  I did not inhereit her family's height, nordic hair and skin, quite the opposite.  :)  I am desperately researching my father's family tree...a difficult feat, considering there were not many records, let alone Euro-names.  I believe that my surname, was bestowed upon my Father's family, by a South American Catholic Missionary.  I plan to eventually have my family tree uploaded to  my website.
  • I am totally enamoured with: Benicio Del Toro, Shaggy, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jack Black, Adam Beach,  hmm..lemme think of a few more.
  • Check back for other strangeness.  :o)

Rants ...

  • Ipperwash - The OPP, Ontario Provincial government as well as Mike Harris should be ashamed...
  • Elinor Caplan and the lax CDN immigration policy
  • Check back, I'm sure I will find something else to add to this list!
Raves ...
  • My music faves:  Alien Ant Farm, Joydrop, Creed, The Tea Party, DMX, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Sloan, Shakira, The Tragically Hip, ...did I mention 'Led Zeppelin'? <g> 
  • Tattoos - Next two..ANUBIS and a Dreamcatcher
  • My friends...who have been through the thick and thin with me
  • My dogs, all of whom I adore...goD knows I have and would do *anything* for...  Donnie, PDQ, KD, and Diva...regardless of their titles, are my passion, pride and life.

    Diva...doing her Gene Simmons impression
    aka...'The Donald', Freak on a Leash, Donnie B., aka...''Beetle Bailey', The Beetle, 'Peedles'. aka...'KD-Do', Katie, Puppy aka...''Deeeva', Diva Girl, Divy.