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A total of 6 puppies were born on a cold, blustery afternoon of December 6, 1996.  The Pedigree of these Puppies is below. Enjoy!

CH. Braxenburg's Barritz v. Treu
Best Puppy in Specialty Show
Puppy Working Group Winner
SG-3 CH. Braxenburg's Barritz v. Treu
OVC Mild Dysplasia, SPAYED.
'Treu' at 6 weeks old
Treu at 6-weeks old

Treu at 6-weeks old

Treu at 7-weeks old

Treu at 5-months old

Treu at the SRC Specialty 1997

All grown up at a worldly 7 months of age. 'Treu' is pictured being handled to her
Best Puppy In Specialty Show (SRC) win by Dianna in July 1997.  Treu was 7 months old here. Breeder/Owner Handled.
Treu winning her Best Puppy In Specialty at 7 months old with Dianna

Treu, pictured being handled to her
Best Puppy In Specialty Show (SRC) win by Dianna in July 1997. 

Treu, at 22-months old
Treu, at 18-months old
Treu, winning a BEST PUPPY IN GROUP, at 7-months old!
Treu was from the first litter that I have ever raised.  Treu, was a gorgeous, pretty, heavy-boned, excellent moving puppy...and she was the keeper!

She was one of my favourite dog's to show..we had a blast in the showring.  Treu was a very tough, but fearless and sweet puppy.  Her favourite playmate was Dragon, whom she was pretty much raised with.

When it came time to x-ray Treu's hips, the results came back mildly dysplatic.  I had thought about redoing them, but didn't want to get my hopes crushed.

Besides...her GUARDIAN ANGELS arrived! Fred & Alena had lost their dearly loved Rottweiler girl, ANGIE...and had offered Treu a home.  Treu now lives her life in total devotion. Thanks guys!

Treu, at 5-years oldTreu, at 5-years old, 115-lbs.

Critique of CH. Braxenburg's Barritz v. Treu

1998 Toronto Sieger Show
DATE: May 23, 1998
JUDGE: Alice Zänsch (ADRK Körmeister)
CLASS: Jungendklasse (12-18 mos. Bitches)
Very good developed bitch.  Large with strong bone. Friendly. Strong head. Good developed cheekbones and stop. Ears carried irregularly. Medium brown eyes. Lower eyelid should be closer to the eye. Faded mouth pigmentation. Strong neck. Some loose skin in throat area. Deep broad chest.  Good forechest. Front and rear angulation correctly set and angulated.  Tight back. Strong coat. Medium brown markings clearly defined. Markings on inner thighs somewhat light. Natural gait.  Scissors bite.
SG- 4 Braxenburg's Blitzkreig v. Axel
What a handsome lad!
Best of Breed
Sovereign Rottweiler Club Sanction Match-May '97

VVN SORC Sieger Show
August 1997
SG-4 Toronto Sieger Show

Axel at 11 months old

Axel and his ever patient, forgiving, tolerant and best friend, Reba.
Reba's a little bit Country..and Axel is a bit little Rott n' Roll.

Axel's 1997 Christmas

Axel's 1997 visit with Santa!

Axel at the SRC Toronto Sieger Show, 1998

Axel is now retired, from a budding show and Schutzhund career.

Braxenburg's Black Tie Affair

Baby Sophie

Baby Sophie

Sophie, above at 6-weeks old.


Braxenburg's Blissfully Sweet

Baby Nuka

This is 'Nuka' at 7 weeks.

Nuka at 2 years old.

Braxenburg's Brave Thunder

Cover Girl 'Thunder'

  Pedigree of:

 Braxenburg's "B" Litter

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Bred By

M. Jackman

Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Great-Great Grand Parents
Multi V-1, Multi Sieger FCI Int'l & Can Select CH. Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen 
HD-FREI, OFA Heart Cardiologist
Chris v.d. Kurstadt SchH III, FH, AD, ZtP  (HD-Frei) Ero vom Wildberger Schloss SchH III, FH, Gekoert Bis 
Dux vom Stuffelkopf 
SchH III, FH (HD+/-)
Erni vom Zimmerplatz (HD+/-)
Hella von der Waldachquelle ZtP (HD-Frei) Igor von Kotelettpfad SchH I (HD+/-)
Coni v.d. Waldachquelle (HD+/-)
Sara von Tengen, SchH I HD+/- Utz vom Ries SchH III, Gek Bis (HD+/-) Am/Can CH. Rodsden's Berte v Zederwald CD
Panda's Tugboat Annie RO-2439
Kora von Tengen SchH I (HD-Frei) EJS'75 Int'l CH. 
Dago vom Hause Normann SchH III (HD+/-)
Lissy vom Sonnenberg (HD-Frei)
CH. Bailvons Con Artist
Multi Best of Breed winner
OVC Certified
BISS, Am BIS Select Am/Can CH. Black Oak's Archangel CD, CGC
Top Rott '90 (Breed) | Top Rott Overall '91 (Breed & Obedience)  (OFA Excellent)
Alfalar's Silent Bitaur Am CH. Axdenherc von Alfano
Alfano's Omen
Am. CH. Aryan's 
U S S Ursula CDX, TDX, SchH II, TT
22X BIS, 5X BISS Am/Can CH. Cannon River Oil Tanker CD,TT
Tawny von Meadow CD 
RO-8850 | ARC Bronze Dam
Rippon's Baileys Irish Cream
OVC Cert. | Dam of Multi CH's, and Group Placers
Ascalon von Metzgerhund Voochi Rot von Konigsberg
Rottridge's Elsa Mala Seka
Arguswebb Dee Lefley CH. Fairvalley's Wee Jock Webb CDX | RO-2652-T
CH. O-Bear von Konigsberg

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