In Memory of Aiko

April 6, 1988 - March 20, 1999

Multi V1, Multi SIEGER Int'l & Can Select CH. Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen
SchH III, FH, AD, CG, with a friend, on the cover of 
the Browntrout© Rottweiler Agenda.
Cardiac Normal RO-CA263/114M/C-T

Aiko came to Canada in late 1994, on loan from the 'vom Markgräflerland' kennels, owned by Ernst Ritz.  'vom Markgräflerland' has produced some excellent Rottweilers, Klubsiegerins', as well as pedigree pillars of the breed.  Aiko was entrusted to Hazelburn kennels, to be shown and stand at stud.  Unfortunately, he was not utilized as much at stud, but his remaining kids have certainly stamped their mark on the breed.

Aiko probably would have been the best example of a balanced, beautiful moving dog...his movement was incredible.  Such a large, MASSIVE dog (27-inches, 130 lbs)...would literally float.  No wonder he did sooo well at Sieger Shows, with the large show rings, CKC/AKC rings did not do him justice.

'Aiko' came to live with 1996...I had met Aiko numerous times before, in Sieger Shows, CKC conformation shows, in his backyard in Toronto (at Maria's house) - doing his best at 'Air Aiko' by jumping to peek over the 8-foot high fence, at his therapy dog test (CGC), finally, to on a SchH field. 
The previous year, in 1995, I showed his daughter, BSK YSg'94 CH. Selma vom Markgräflerland, to TOP TEN status for Rottweilers, in VERY limited shows (I believe 4-weekends of showing). 
Upon arrival, Aiko immediately ran from tree to tree, marking each one, I followed closely behind, as he was un-leashed.  I guess, I followed too closely, as he turned, and simply snarled at me...showing all of his teeth.  OK.  I agreed to stay back.  Nope, I would never show this dog.

And so began our relationship...  :)

Aiko truly believed that he was the EPITOME of a male Rottweiler, if a dog could swagger, Aiko did!  He was notorious for a parting of the seas if you will, at dog shows, Aiko had such extreme arrogance about him, that people and handlers at dog shows would literally CLEAR A PATH for him, leaving a wide berth for Aiko to saunter through.

What A Photogenic Guy!

Aiko also had a bit of problem with dog-to-dog aggression...ONLY with other male Rottweilers, and a certain dislike for German Shepherd Dogs.  Not a big deal, that could be worked through. 

So, I made a bed for Aiko beside my bed, and promised him that he would never be a kennel dog again.  Aiko's bed remained until his death, just short of his 11th Birthday.

I took Aiko everywhere with me, to the post office, for car rides (which he particularly enjoyed) to long walks in the nearby forests...unfortunately, he was extremely protective, and on one occasion...pushed out the van window, whil barking at someone, while I was in a store...I ran out, to see Aiko sitting happily on the car seat, AWAY from the glass.  So, he was now crated when we went for rides.   ;)

Although Aiko would NOT tolerate rough play from strangers, Aiko was excellent with kids of all ages. 

My memories of Aiko, are his proud nature, his ROTTWEILER temperament, playing hide-and-seek with him, piloting Aiko at the Rottweiler Club of Canada National specialty to an award of Merit win...on a a thin show lead in late '96, to his numerous V-1 ratings.  I always regretted not titling him in obedience.  Aiko would follow me around, if I was sitting..his head would be on my lap, while making his raw food, he would drool sooo much, that I would end up slipping on the floor (eewww).  Aiko became so well-behaved around the other Rottweilers, that he could be walked with the old patriarch, SLY, and his young son, DRAGON.  Aiko always tolerated SLY, but as DRAGON grew into a teen, Aiko would increasingly become incensed.

I showed Aiko at the '97 IFR Rottweiler show (his 2nd IFR show, on 2 continents) in Chicago, USA...he was entered in a very large Veterans class, and we ended up in 4th place.  I was so proud of him. 

Aiko, at 9.5 years old, at the IFR in 1997

Aiko died in Spring 1998, he told me it was time to go...and I just knew.  It was a Saturday, and he had followed me around all day, like he usually did...but this time, it was with urgency.  I just knew Aiko well know. He was such a proud dog, that I owed it to him, not to suffer.

So, this is Aiko's tribute page, a tribute to a WONDERFUL dog, his wins, and his legacy...


Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen SchH III, FH, AD
ADRK # 72322

ZtP under Eric Walbrod 13/6/92
Height: 67 cm.
Depth of Chest: 33 cm
Weight: 52 kg.
Length: 76 cm
Girth of Chest: 90 cm
(stop to occiput)
16 cm
Muzzle: 10 cm.
Overall, general impression:

Big, strong and powerful. Harmonious. Attentive, friendly. Strong, well formed and clean head. Small well carried ears. Very good outline. Overall correct. 1A eye (very dark). Mouth pigment black. Flews are a little loose. Coat is strong and coarse. Neck is a little long. Correct deep brown markings. Very good width and depth of chest. Shoulders are correct. Fore and hind quarters angulations are correct. Very strong neck and topline. Muscular and powerful.

Self Confidence: HIGH
Temperament: MEDIUM
Obedience: MEDIUM
Courage: VERY HIGH
Provocation Level: MEDIUM
Fearlessness: HIGH
Attentiveness: HIGH
Mistrust: LOW
Fighting Drive: HIGH
Indurance/Strength: HIGH

Some of Aiko's wins...

Always V Rated in Germany 
including Klubsieger '91/'93

V-2 IFR CACIB '93 Switzerland
V-1, SELECT MALE Rottweiler SchH Club of Buffalo, NY

Rottweiler Schutzhund Club of Buffalo
DATE: August 9, 1994
JUDGE: Josef Hover
CLASS: Sieger Class
RATING: Select Male V1
6 ½ year old male.  Very large.  A lot of substance.  Correct bone strength. 
Good head type.  Small, well correct ears, should be carried equally. 
Excellent formed eye and good color.  Complete scissors bite. 
Excellent mouth pigmentation.  Excellent depth and width of chest. 
Correct angulation.  Correct feet.  Correct top and bottom line. 
Correct set neck.  Well developed forechest.  Excellent coat condition. 
Markings of correct size and color.  Fluid movement with sufficient rear drive.

V-1 /Sieger OVRC
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 17, 1994
JUDGE: Helmut Freiburg
CLASS: Gebrauchshund
Medium size.  Very good bone.  Attentive & friendly.  Very good head, medium
stop.  Very dark brown eyes.  Small, high carried, well carried ears.  Strong neck, with little loose skin. Very straight topline.  Strong rear.
Correct angulation.  Free & fluent movement.  Strong coat.  Brown markings.
Dark mouth pigmentation.  Complete scissors bite.
V-3 /Sieger, Housatonic Rottweiler Club
Housatonic Rottweiler Club
DATE: May 14, 1995
JUDGE: Erich Königsberger
CLASS: Sieger
Medium large to large, very good build, typey head, full standing scissors bite, very good mouth pigment, lips could be a little tighter, black eyes well set, 
right ear should be carried a little more correctly, strong neck, very good top and bottom line, slightly sloping at the croup, very good elbows, correct coat, 
very good markings, attentative, very good reach and movement.
1st Place Veterans Class | OVRC Sieger Show-Sept 1996
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 28 & 29, 1996
JUDGE: Willi Hedtke
CLASS: Veteran
For the age of excellent condition and strong bone; very friendly; attentive; lively; front and rear angulation correct; healthy teeth; coat and colour correct.
1st Place Veterans Class & Award of Merit
RCC Specialty 1996

1st Place Veterans Class
RCC National Specialty 1997
2nd Place Veterans Class | OVRC Sieger Show
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 26, 27 & 28, 1997
JUDGE: Werner Walter
CLASS: Veterans

9 ½ year old male in excellent condition; large with strong bone; strong head; left ear carried folded at times; dark brown eyes; dark mouth pigmentation; strong neck; very well developed chest; straight front; straight topline; strong rear; correctly angulated; far reaching gait; strong coat; mahogany markings; scissors bite.

4th Place Veterans Class
IFR (Wheaton, Illinois) October 1997

Aiko, at 9.5 years old, at the IFR in 1997

IFR Critique ~ ARC Independent Regional Specialty
DATE: October 4, 1997
JUDGE: Anton Spindler
CLASS: Veteran Dogs
RATING: 4th Place
Large dog; deep, dark eyes; mouth dark; strong bones; back a little weak; angulation good; well-muscled in rear; scissors bite.

Aiko  V2 Sieger Class @ the Toronto Sieger Show
10 years old.  Judge:  Alice Zänsch

Sovereign Rottweiler Club - Toronto Sieger Show
DATE: May 23, 1998
JUDGE: Alice Zänsch - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS: Sieger Class
Very large male. Strong bones. Alert and friendly. Typey head. Very good stop. Small irregular carried ears. Dark brown eyes. Mouth pigmentation with pink spots. Slightly pinkish flews. Muscular neck. Broad wide chest. Very pronounced forechest. Front and rear correct. Strong tight back. Topcoat clean. Clean defined markings. Trots fluidly. Scissors bite.
1st Place Veterans Class
SRC Regional Specialty 1998 (Ms Joan Klem)

1st Place Veterans Class
RCC National Specialty 1998
V-1 Sieger Class
OVRC Sieger Show 1998
Aiko @ 10 ½ years old, placing V-1 (Sieger Klasse) at the 
OVRC show under ADRK Judge: Dieter Hoffman.

Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 20, 1998
JUDGE: Dieter Hoffman - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS: Sieger Class
Large, strong, with good bone; dry, good head; medium sized ears; dark brown eyes; dark mouth pigmentation; muscular neck; good forechest; very good top and bottom lines; front and rear correct; strong coat; with brown markings, 
slightly sooty on chest; free gait; scissors bite.


Aiko, was bred to one Braxenburg© owned Rottweiler bitch (CH. Bailvons Con Artist), resulting in the following litter, which included multiple German show winners, specialty placers, as well as one Champion:
Here are some of his other kids:

CH. Selma vom Markgräflerland  (imp GER)
(Aiko X Nora vom Markgräflerland)
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OVRC YS'97 Am/Can/UKC CH. Braxenburg's Chasing Dragonz, CGC

Dragon is a dog, that I am so very proud of.  Although not bred by me, his breeder (Nancy West) had used Aiko, on her Oliver daughter, Molly.  Although Molly had never been shown, she was such a typey,  beautiful bitch!  When we arrived to see the puppies, it was a sea of massive heads...and Dragon left with us.

Dragon went to live with RiverRun Rottweilers in the fall of 2000, and has settled into a very successful career, as a show dog, and stud dog.

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5-week old Aiko puppies, out of CH. Steffi, CD (An Oliver daughter)

7-week old Aiko puppies, out of CH. Steffi, CD (An Oliver daughter)


  Pedigree of:

 FCI Int'l & Can Select CH.
Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen SchH III, FH, AD, CGC

 Click on the highlighted names to view the picture,
and detailed info about each dog's show wins, and health clearances.

Aiko's pedigree is VERY old, going back to the 1960's in 4-generations.  Aiko, himself was linebred 4-4-4 on Dux and Bulli vom Hungerbuhl.






Cardiac OFA # 





Bred By

Astrid Stöhr

Owned By

Ernst Ritz


Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

Great-Great Grand Parents

Chris v.d. Kurstadt SchH III, FH, AD, ZtP
Ero vom Wildberger Schloss SchH III, FH, Gekoert Bis 
Dux vom Stuffelkopf 
SchH III, FH (HD+/-)
BS'68/'69 Igor vom Hause Henseler SchH III
Tilla v.d. Solitude
Erni vom Zimmerplatz (HD+/-) BISS Am/Can CH.
Dux vom Hungerbuhl 
SchH I
Pia vom Hohen-Asberg
SchH I
Hella von der Waldachquelle ZtP 
Igor von Kotelettpfad SchH I (HD+/-) Berno vom Albtal
SchH III, FH (HD+/-)
Assy v.d. Gruberheide
Coni v.d. Waldachquelle (HD+/-) KS'71, '72/WS'73 Int'l CH. Bulli vom Hungerbuhl  SchH III
BS '70 Anka v.d. Reichenbachle
Sara von Tengen, SchH I
Utz vom Ries 
SchH III, Gek Bis (HD+/-)
Int'l CH. Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH III, FH,  GekBisEzA (HD-Frei) Int'l CH. Ives Eulenspiegel SchH III
Int'l CH. Anja vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH I (HD-FREI)
Maxi vom Ries (HD+) Dirk vom Schloss Rietheim SchH II (HD+/-)
Dina vom Hesselberg (HD+/-)
Kora von Tengen SchH I (HD-Frei) EJS'75 Int'l CH. 
Dago vom Hause Normann SchH III (HD+/-)
Dack v.d. Meierei SchH III
Anja von Silberwald (HD+/-)
Lissy vom Sonnenberg (HD-Frei) KS'71, '72/WS'73 Int'l CH. Bulli vom Hungerbuhl  SchH III
Cora vom Jakobsbrunnen SchH III


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