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İMark Raycroft (DONNIE at 2-years old)

Donnie is the result of THOUSANDS of miles driven, $, and years of planning and heartbreak.  In 1997, I had picked out 3 Rottweiler stud dogs, from The Rottweiler Quarterly, ALL of whom were in the US, who I thought would be complimentary, in pedigree and type to Donnie's mom, Zina. 

(Zina, below picture).

This breeding was sooo important to Zina is a litter-sister, to my first Male Rottweiler, Braxx.  I first saw Zina when she was 6-months absolutely perfect, small Rottweiler bitch.  There were 8 females, and 3 males in Zina's litter...and Zina had been placed as a showdog.  Zina, although a very small, 22-inch bitch, she was otherwise, was perfect in all aspects...her movement, type, pigment and topline were phenomenol.  Added to this equation, was the fact, that Zina was linebred...a result of a cousin-to-cousin breeding, and IMO, the perfect basis of breed type and pedigree to start off with.

After contacting ALL three stud dog owners, only 2 returned my calls, and that led me to Ferro...Donnie's daddy.  The breeding was a perfect blend of Dutch, German and American show/working bloodlines.

After 2 trips to the US, Zina finally was pregnant! 
I am very good at feeling puppies in utero, and can accurately guestimate the number of puppies expected, and I could definately feel 4.  Yeah right!  I did NOT expect Donnie and his litterbrother, Conan, to be so large!  The 4-puppies that I thought I could feel, was in fact...2 MASSIVE puppies.  With puppies that large, and with Zina being a smaller bitch....BOTH boys were stuck...with Donnie, being the most difficult of the two.  Donnie had trouble breathing, once born, and I was so worried about him, that for 3-days straight, I slept beside the whelping box, on the floor.

Once the time came for the puppies to go to their new homes, I of course, HAD to keep a puppy, and of COURSE, that puppy, was Donnie.

Donnie, 6-weeks old (ABOVE and BELOW)

Donnie at 6 weeks

Once the time came for the puppies to go to their new homes, we kept both...Donnie was to stay behind, and his larger brother, sent to his new home, on a co-ownership.

Donnie was the PERFECT PUPPY.  He had such clean lines, and could walk into a perfect stack, AND he was a bit talkative/ he stayed with me.
It's hilarious, but anyone who KNOWS Donnie, knows what his fascination with the Television is like...Donnie first spotted the TV at the age of 6-weeks old, stood his ground and "GRRRRR'ed"  at it.  :)

Donnie started his show career off with a bang, Most Promising Puppy Dog at the OVRC Sieger Show (38-puppies entered! - BELOW), to  (Winners Dog from the 6-9 class), and finished at the age of 10-months old, by going Best of Breed over Specials'.  VERY COOL!

Donnie, at 4-months old, 56-lbs!

Wouldn't YOU want to look this great at 6 months old?
Donnie winning WINNERS DOG and BEST PUPPY!

Donnie's first Best of Breed over Specials at 10 months of age.
Orangeville and District Kennel Club

Donnie, at 2-years old (©Mark Raycroft)

Donnie, at 2-years old (©Mark Raycroft)

Donnie, at 2-years old (©Mark Raycroft)

Donnie, at 2-years old (©Mark Raycroft)

Donnie, at 2-years old (©Mark Raycroft)


Donnie {10-months} (LEFT) and his dam, Rozina {4-years old} (RIGHT)


Critiques of  Braxenburg's Donnie Brasco

Judge: ADRK Judge Ottmar Vogel 
SORC Canadian National Sieger Show 
4-6 Puppy Dogs (VSP3) 

Powerful, already sufficient tightness, medium head with sufficient cheek bone and muzzle, high carried and correct carried ears, brown eyes, altoghether correct pigmentation, powerful neck, short straight back, pronounced chest proportions, correct angulation in front, normal hind angulation, front straight, pasterns and paws slightly soft, hind quarters 
set straight-on, hocks slightly out-turning, medium brown markings-slightly sooty on paws, black on muzzle, powerful stock hair, fluid movement with good all together tightness.

Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 20, 1998
JUDGE: Dieter Hoffman - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS: 4-6 Month Old Puppy Dogs
RATING: VVN 1 & MOST PROMISING PUPPY DOG (38+ puppies entered)

4½ months old male, well developed male, with appropriate bone, attentive and lively, good head, medium size ears, dark brown eyes, overall proper body proportions, correct coat with dark brown markings, slightly sooty on front paws, very good gait.

Sovereign Rottweiler Club
DATE:  May 21, 2000
JUDGE:  Anton Spindler - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS:  Open Dog Class
RATING:  V-2 (over 20+ Dogs entered)

Scissors Bite.  P1 upper-left doubled.  Medium sized.  Very good substance.  Medium Bone strength.  Nice stop.  Dark eyes.  Correct ears.  Straight front.  Straight back.  Natural angled rear end.  Deeply muscled.  Short coat.  Brown markings, unclearly defined.  Free space winning movement.

Rottweiler Club of Canada
DATE:  September 2000
JUDGE:  Frans Schaaf - FCI
CLASS: Open Dogs
**Please check back for critique, i am trying desperately to locate it!**



Pedigree of:

Multi V-rated SelectX2  BOSS 
CH. Braxenburg's Donnie Brasco, CD, N-CD, 1/3 Am CD

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OVC Hips/Elbows#
Heart OFA




Bred By
D. Contin, M. Jackman
Owned By

Linda Wood

Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Great-Great Grand Parents
V-Rated Multi BISS Select Am/Can CH. Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC
OFA Good, OFA Thyroid, CERF, OFA Heart
V-Rated Am/Can CH. Von der Lors Braxx Nelson
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CERF
BISS, BIS CH.  Nelson vh Brabantpark
OFA Excellent
Dutch CH. Simba vh Brabantpark
Golda vh Brabantpark
Friendships Midnite Sadie, TT 
OFA Excellent, CERF, Thyroid, Elbows Normal
Am/Can CH. Birch Hill's Quincy CD, TD OFA Good
Fame vom Wint Haus CD,TT OFA Good
Gamegards Hexa
OFA Good
BISS BIS CH. Ironwoods Cade OFA Good Am CH. Donnerschlag vom Kertzenlicht CDX OFA Good
Am CH. Disco vh Brabantpark OFA Good
Gamegards Do It To It
OFA Good
KS'85 BISS BIS Int'l/Am/Can CH. Bronco vom Rauberfeld SchH 3, FH
Gamegards Black Britt (UK) OFA
Damien's Rozina von Secord
(major pointed) CERF, OVC Cert.
(Littersister to 4 Champions)

Hip/Elbow Certifications of Rozina's littermates:

CH. Damien's Renegade Braxx, CD, CGC
BPIS CH. Damien's Reckless Bravado, CD
CH. Damien's Ready to Rumble
Damien's Rhapsody in Blue, CD

3X BISS, 10X BIS Select CH. 
I'm Oliver von Damien CD, CGC, RTD OFA Good
Am/Can CH. Wyreglen's Archangel CD OFA Good KS'85 BISS BIS Int'l/Am/Can CH. Bronco vom Rauberfeld SchH 3, FH
CH. Fairvalley's Latin Lottie CDX,TD,Am CD  OVC Clear
CH.  Damien's Akaylie 
OVC Hips
CH. Ilja vom Siedlerpfad 
CH. Karenata's Apache Dancer CDX 
Helena von Damien 
OFA Good
CH. Damien's A Sly Guy, CD
OVC Hips
CH. Ilja vom Siedlerpfad 
CH. Karenata's Apache Dancer CDX 
Jane von Stommeln (GER)
OFA Excellent
Maro vom Rauchfang SchH III,IPO III,FH,AD, Gek Bis Eza
Esta vom Giesenend SchH I

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