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"H' Litter
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Whelped August 9, 2010 ~ 2 boys, 1 girl

Pictured @ 5 weeks old
L to R
Red boy, black boy, tiger girl
Sorry, all pups are spoken for
We have been completely overwhelmed by the interest/response for this litter. We thank *everyone* for their calls/emails.  It's also very heartening to see our return  puppy homes come back to us. 

Ideally, we would have placed pups in every suitable home however Berlin decided on delivering 3 very large, healthy pups.  We are thrilled with them!

At Birth:
pups weighed from 12 oz to 15 oz

At One Week
pups weighed from 1 lb, 9 oz to 1 lb, 11 oz

At Two Weeks
pups weighed from 2 lb, 11 oz to 2 lb, 9 oz

At Three Weeks
pups weighed from 4 lb, 2 oz to 4 lbs, 10 oz

At Four Weeks
pups weighed from 5 lbs, 5 oz to 5 lbs, 11 oz

At Five Weeks
pups weighed from 7 lbs, 8 oz to 8 lbs, 8 oz

Many thanks to my non-doggy, sports-minded, UFC/mixed martial arts husband who patiently photographed our first stacking session at 5 weeks old. 
Being a football widow does have it's rewards!

15 days old

15 days old ~ Girl, Boy, Boy

15 days old ~ Boy

15 days old ~ Boy

My Mom takes great care of us.

15 days old ~ Boy (above & below)

4 weeks old

Black Collar boy
(Complete with goat's milk chin)

Pretty Tiger Girl

Red Collar Boy
Playing with Mom  
4-5 weeks old

Tiger Girl and Black collar boy meet the cat ... Chewbacca von Katzenfuss,
a purebred Maine Coon from Grandeur Maine Coons.

Snack time!
4 weeks old

Red Boy - 5 weeks old

Black Collar Boy - 5 weeks

Tiger Girl - 5 weeks

Black/Purple Collar Boy - 7 weeks

Black/Purple Boy - 7 weeks

Red Boy - 7 weeks

Red Boy - 7 weeks

Tiger Girl - 7 weeks

"Paris" @ 7 weeks old

Paris likes to F-L-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7-weeks old

Paris on the move ...
7-weeks old

Already fashion conscious ... Paris tried to remove her brother, Titan's collar because it clashes with the decor.
7-weeks old

We will try again in 4 months

Berlin has pups by English Import
' 2008 RCC National BISs Hanbar Hendrix HICs


Jimmy resides at Eirian Rottweilers and is owned by Johnna Glover

The Sire

I first saw Jimmy as a young puppy and was very impressed with him.  He has wonderful breed type, gorgeous & balanced structure; superb movement, strong bone, powerful head, beautiful pigment, straight topline but most importantly, an excellent temperament.

Jimmy is super confident and a social butterfly.  I absolutely fell in love with his temperament.  Jimmy is a young dog and offers such a unique, diverse pedigree with British/German and New Zealand influences.

Jimmy has all of his health clearances (OVC Hips/Elbows Normal, OFA Heart, CERF clear.

The Dam
A multi Best of Breed winner in Canada, Berlin finished her Canadian Championship title with a Group placement.  Berlin currently holds 3 herding instinct tests on sheep, a temperament test (TT), Canine Good Neighout, 2 rally titles (CKC/UKC) and is actively trialing in advanced obedience events in both CKC/UKC.   (Berlin finished her CKC RN with a HIGH IN CLASS (Novice B).  She is also training for her CKC/UKC CD title.)

Berlin is the epitome of my dream Rottweiler.  Berlin has a beautiful pedigree combining her sire, Donnie (and the Von Damien Rottweilers) with the Briere bloodlines.  I owned/bred Berlin's sire, Donnie and owned his dam, Rozina. 

Berlin has a stunning front assembly, strong bone, very dark eyes, pretty head and extraordinary, ground-covering movement. Berlin, of course has full dentition and a correct bite. 

Potential owners will be fully screened and agree to health testing as appropriate.  Puppies will be socialized from birth with children.  Puppies will be raised using the Bio-Sensor Method of Stimulation (Dr. Carmen Battaglia).

Puppies will be placed with

  • docked tails
  • CKC registration with microchip implant;
  • extensive puppy package (colour photos/copies of all health testing/copies of CKC/AKC/UKC paperwork/title certificates/pedigree);
  • Up to date vaccinations/deworming/health record;
  • breeder support any time;
  • food sample (enough for a couple of days);
  • Puppies are fed a combination of goats milk/evaporated milk in addition to nursing;
  • We feed a combination of organic raw food (The Ultimate Diet) with human grade raw food (Tollden Farms);
    (These foods can be purchased in Toronto at: Small Wonders Pet Emporium)

Puppies have been raised and exposed to small toddlers, cats, normal household noises, outdoor adventures, tippy tables, toys, cricket games :), as our home backs onto a busy park, etc. 

The puppies playpen is cleaned 2x daily with:
PerCept General Virucidal Disinfectant cleaner
Formulated with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. Virucidal and bactericidal. Disinfects in 5 minutes - half the time of traditional products. Cleans and sanitizes surfaces in 30 seconds. Suitable for most hard washable environmental surfaces. Highly effective cleaner. Can be used in a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Fragrance-free. Dye-free. Leaves no antimicrobial chemical residue; hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen and cannot accumulate on surfaces.

"Remember that every ounce, every particle of food contributes to the strength of puppy limbs, therefore let every meal given be of maximum health in natural concentration and preparation.

A properly weaned puppy is a joy to see and possess. It has come into the world with a set of brand-new organs: heart, brain, liver, kidneys, etc. All are new, clean and unspoiled. It is each puppy's right that it be fed foods which will not damage or degenerate its new body, but improve and safeguard its health, so that it will never know the pain and distress of worm infestation, rickets, scouring, skin eruptions."

--- Source: Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Jimmy is fully health cleared/screened:

Berlin is fully health cleared/screened:

OVC Hips 0041735   Normal   
OVC Elbows 0041735   Normal   
OFA Hips RO-70429G24M-VPI  'Good'
OFA Elbows Right Normal  Left DJD I
OFA Cardiac
RO-CA4072/20M/C-VPI   Normal - Cardiologist
RO-7015   Clear  

CKC (Canada) RE996017
AKC WS28057501
UKC P584-722
AKC DNA V545211
OFA DNA RO-DNA-31   (13-mos/June 9 2006)
OVC Hips 0038384   Normal   (33-mos/Feb 4 2008)
OVC Elbows 0038384   Normal   (33-mos/Feb 4 2008)
OFA Hips RO-68752G33F-PI   Good   (33-mos/Feb 7 2008)
OFA Elbows RO-EL6512F33-PI   Normal   (33-mos/Feb 7 2008)
OFA Cardiac RO-CA3550/42F/C-VPI   Normal-Cardiologist   (42-mos/Oct 9 2008)
CERF RO-6620   Normal   (42-mos/Sept 26 2008)
CHIC 53676
DNA Coat
N/N Clear 10/22/2008

Pedigree of:
Berlin x Jimmy Puppies

     Gr-Grandsire Aust/NZ Grand CH Rolex Rumour Has It by Fantasa
(Top UK Rottweiler, Top Working and 2nd Top Dog all breeds - UK - 2004)

   Grandsire Pendley Sinbad
Royal Canin/Dog World Top Stud Dog 2009

     Gr-Granddam Eng CH Pendley Pansy Potter

Sire '08 RCC BISs Hanbar Hendrix HICs

     Gr-Grandsire Multi V-1 DT.VDH CH Janosch von der Scherau SchH III AK:BH ZtP IPO III HD- ED+

   Granddam Eng CH Hanbar Wendy
HS 5/6 ED 1 (3 CC's 5 RCC's BEST BITCH BRA)

     Gr-Granddam Eng CH Hanbar Nula
4CC's 5RCC's (HD7/3)

Braxenburg Rottweilers ~ H Litter
    Gr-Grandsire Multi BISS Select Am/Can Ch Von der Lors Ferro Braxx Am CGC HIC

  Grandsire Can/Multi V-Rated Select U-CH Ch Braxenburg's Donnie Brasco CD CGC N-CD U-CD RNCL HICs TT UCC (#1 Overall '00)

    Gr-Granddam Ch Damien's Rozina von Secord

 Dam Promising-Rated (USRC) URO1 CH Vasfors Lufthansa v Drakengard RN, CGN, TT, HICs

    Gr-Grandsire V-1 BIS BISS Select Am/Can CH Gamegards Moonraker HCT

  Granddam CH Briere Indian Summer

    Gr-Granddam V-Rated BISS BIS CH Briere High Fashion

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