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Braxenburg Rottweilers ~ The Past

In rough chronological order - click on dogs' names for pedigrees and more information.  Rottweilers that have passed through my home over the years.

BISS CH Jowett's Elsa
1995 - 2007

I met Elsa when she was a puppy, watched her bloom with her new owner, Tom Hall as she was shown to the #1 Rottweiler Bitch Breed (RCC) 1997/#1 Rottweiler Bitch All-Breed and Breed (RCC) 1998 spot.  Elsa's owner, Tom Hall passed away in 2005 and Elsa somehow found her way into my home in 2007.  Elsa loved going for car rides and I am sure that she thought she was headed out to a show after I bathed her.  She was a great Rottweiler.

U-CD Multi V-Rated, 2xSel Can/UKC CH Braxenburg’s Donnie Brasco Can/N-CD, CCGCT, RNCL, HICs, TT, UCC, CHIC#19681

Donnie was simply an amazing Rottweiler.  He was so temperamentally sound that he could be around other intact males and was used as a greeter dog at many different events.  He sired beautiful puppies that he stamped with his type, head, topline and rear.  He did everything that I asked of him with enthusiam and humour.
Frozen semen available. 

Select CH Gamegards PDQ von Ferro HICd, CCGCT

PDQ was by far, the best temperament I've ever had in a Rottweiler.  She was stable, protective and could be trusted in any situation.  She made many friends along the way.  She was also the un-official 'party police' making herself known when other dogs wanted to misbehave.  Tough, beautiful, and very missed by my family.   I still remember what her ears and muzzle felt like.

CH Bailvons Con Artist

"Connie" ended up after retiring after a successful show and breeding career as a devoted pet to my Mother.  Connie had one of the largest head's I've ever seen on a Rottweiler and was drop-dead gorgeous.  Topline, angles, and head  - she had it all.  

CH Damien's Rozina von Secord

Zina, Rosey-Posey, Dina - was Donnie's Dam and one of the quirkiest dogs I've ever owned.  She was a master escape-artist, tub-sleeper, and pogo Rottweiler.  She also had breathtaking reach and drive for such a compact girl.  I always called Zina, the Ottoman b/c she was short and wide.   She was a full littermate sister to Braxx, Klaus and Brav.

FCI Int'l/Can AOM CH Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen, SchH III FH AD ZtP CGC                                                     1988-1999

Aiko was a wonderful, correct Rottweiler.  He was simply full of confidence and humour.   He slept beside my bed for his veteran years.  When I picture excellent movement, I think of Aiko.  You couldn't feel any pressure on the leash while showing him.  He floated.

Am BIS AOM Am/Can BISS CH Black Oak's Archangel, CGC, RTD                                                                          

Arco was imported, trained and shown by Von Damien Rottweilers and retired to live with my Mother in his veteran years.  My Mom *adored* Arco .. he probably was her favourite Rottweiler.  Arco was the sire of my first Rottweiler, Heidi in 1992.  He was owned by Von Damien Rottweilers and then transferred CKC ownership to my Mom.


"A" Litter
Whelped May 29, 1996

CH Damien's Intrepid Tycoon, CD x CH Bailvons Con Artist                                                  

Braxenburg's Ashes and Embers (F)
Braxenburg's Alabama Slammer (M)
Braxenburg's A Roman Empire

The "A" litter carried my kennel name but was not raised nor bred by me.  They were the largest puppies I've ever seen to date.                   

Braxenburg's Barritz v Treu
"B" Litter
Whelped December 6, 1996

Multi V-1, Multi Sieger FCI Int'l & Can Select CH. Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen 
SchH III, FH, AD, CGC x CH Bailvons Con Artist                                                     

Braxenburg’s Black Tie Affair  (F)
Braxenburg’s Blissfully Sweet  (F)
BPISs/SG-3 Can CH Braxenburg’s Barritz v. Treu  (F)
Braxenburg’s Brave Thunder  (F)
SG-4 Braxenburg’s Blitzkreig v. Axel  (M)

The "B" litter carried my kennel name but was not bred by me.  However, I did raise the litter.                                          


Braxenburg's Crawdaddy Club
"C" Litter
Whelped February 26, 1997

CH Damien's Intrepid Tycoon, CD x CH Damien's Rozina von Secord                                                 

Braxenburg’s Cascar RO-61296G50M-PI (M)
Braxenburg’s Celestial Dreamer  (F)
CKC-Pointed ~ Braxenburg’s Crawdaddy Club  (M)
Braxenburg’s Cinnamon Girl  (F)
Braxenburg’s Chynna Doll  (F)

The "C" litter was my first official breeder on record litter.  It was not a planned litter.  The dam, Zina was bred with her Uncle, Ty while staying with friends.  The litter was very uniform.

Braxenburg's Dirk Diggler
"D" Litter
Whelped April 30, 1998

V-Rated BISS Am/Can CH Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC, HICs x CH Damien's Rozina von Secord               

U-CD Multi V-Rated, 2xSel Can/UKC CH Braxenburg’s Donnie Brasco Can/N-CD, CCGCT, RNCL, HICs, TT, UCC, CHIC#19681 (M)
Braxenburg’s Dirk Diggler (M)

The "D" litter consisted of 2 boys but what outstanding boys they were!                                            


"E" Litter
Whelped July 8, 1998

Multi BIS Multi BISS Select CH I'm Oliver von Damien, CD, CGC, RTD x CH Bailvons Con Artist                                  

Braxenburg’s Elijah Griffin  (M)
Braxenburg’s Effigy of Magnus  (M)
Braxenburg’s Eye Of The Tiger  (M)
Braxenburg’s Endless Summer  (F)
Braxenburg’s Edelweiss Elke  (F)

The "E" litter was the last litter sired by Oliver.                                   


Braxenburg's Flight Of Dragonz
"F" Litter
Whelped September 6, 1999

'98 SRC YS/'98 CDN Nat' YS/Am/Can/UKC CH Braxenburg’s Chasing Dragonz, CGC  x Select CH Gamegards PDQ von Ferro HICd, CCGCT                                  

Can CH Braxenburg’s FreiaFest DerCasi RO-62362G40F-PI, RO-SH7F40-PI (F)
Braxenburg’s Femme Fatale  (F)
Braxenburg’s Flight Of Dragonz  (M)
Braxenburg’s Fire Dragonz  (M)
Braxenburg’s Fiery Storm  (M) 



Braxenburg's Get Smart
"G" Litter
Whelped May 13, 2000

Multi BISS Am CH Gamegards Quiet Man v. Lynos, CD, HT, PT, CGC  x Select CH Gamegards PDQ von Ferro HICd, CCGCT                                  

 Braxenburg’s Gold Krugerrand  (M)
V-Rated Braxenburg’s Green Eggs n’ Ham 2x HTs, CGN, RO-DNA (F)
V-Rated UKC r-BIS,SRC Youth Sieger '01 Can/UKC CH Braxenburg’s Get Smart TT, RO-65556E54M-PI, RO-CA2240/68M/C-PI (M)
VSP CKC CH Pointed Braxenburg’s Gypsy Queen Can CD, TT, RNMCL, RACL, CGC, UCC (F)
 Braxenburg Kreekside Oz  (M)



"H" Litter
Whelped: August 9, 2010

Multi V1, '08 RCC Nat'l BISs, UCI Int'l CH Hanbar Hendrix HIC  x URO 1, Group Placing Can CH Vasfors Lufthansa v Drakengard HICs, RN,  TT, CGN                                 

Braxenburg's Haute Couture, BN, RN, WPD, CA, CGC., CGN, TT, HIC
BPIG CH Braxenburg's Highway To Hell
Braxenburg's The Hustler




"I" Litter
Planned for Summer 2014


Please check back for details of our 'I' litter. 




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