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V-3 CH. Kreeksides Constant Craving

K.D. (left) with her Mom, PDQ.

KD is the mirror image of her sire, TEDDY


V-1 Am CH. Gamegards Limited Edition, CD, PT, CGC, HIC, RTD

V-1 Am CH. Gamegards Limited Edition, CD, PT, CGC, HIC, RTD

Critiques of Kreeksides Constant Craving

Rottweiler Club of Canada
DATE:  September 2000
JUDGE:  Frans Schaaf - FCI
CLASS: Open Dogs
2-years old.  Medium-sized, strong well-built female with much substance.  Very good back.  Back could be stronger.  Very good chest proportions. Very well angled.  Strong head.  Brown eyes, large well-set ears.  Very good lip and mouth pigmentation.  Correct hard coat.  Markings could be darker.  Very good movement, with good drive  and reach.

And her Puppy Critiques..

SORC Canadian National Sieger Show 
DATE: September 4,5 & 6, 1998
JUDGE: ADRK Judge Ottmar Vogel
CLASS: 6-9 Puppy Bitches 

Powerful medium head, medium stop, broad muzzle, ears medium in 
size-carried slightly loose, brown eyes, good pigmentation, powerful neck, back broad and straight, but not quite tight yet, pronounced chest proportions with good shoulder stop, good front and hind angulation, front quarter set straight, front right sometimes outturning, hind quarter set straight, brown markings-on front paws slightly sooty, powerful stock hair, free movement with sufficient tightness, temperament calm and friendly. 

Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 20, 1998
JUDGE: Dieter Hoffman - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS: 6-9 Puppy Bitches

7 month old. Large with appropriate bone, attentive and frinedly, strong head, medium size ears; should be carried closer to head, medium eye, dark mottled mouth pigment, somehwat loose skin on throat, deep forechest, slightly weak in back, falling at croup, front and rear correctly set and angulated, strong coat, dark brown markings, free in movement, scissors bite.

What are you lookin' at?

K.D. at 9 weeks.

Kreekside's C Litter

What a sound, consistent litter! ... We debated for almost 2 days trying to decide on what puppy bitch to take home with us. 
In the end, K.D.'s movement, head, muzzle, topline and angulation won us over.  We did however, get more time to spend with the STAR of the show...the grand-daddy to this litter... 

Multi BISS Am/Can Select CH. Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC

Ferro watching for the squirrels

K.D. at 16 weeks old.

K.D. at 16 weeks old

From left to right...

KD, has to be my most CORRECT, Temperamentally SOUND,
social Rottweiler I have EVER had in over 10-years of showing/owning/training Rotties.
An absolutely SOLID temperament.  She would make an excellent THERAPY Rottweiler.


This is obviously NOT a picture of KD, HOWEVER, this is KD!!!  I cannot believe how much this looks like KD!  EXACT HEAD!

Pedigree of:

V-3 CH. Kreeksides Constant Craving

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and detailed info about each dog's show wins, and health clearances.





OFA Excellent
OFA Heart




Bred By
M. & K. Raymond, C. Rubens
Owned By
D. Contin, M. Jackman & Breeders
Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Great-Great Grand Parents
V-1 Am CH. Gamegard's Limited Edition, CD, PT, HIC, CGC, TDI
OFA Good, OFA Heart, CERF

Certifications of Teddy's littermates:

Gamegards Limehouse Blues
Gamegards La Di Da

Am CH. Von der Lors Alydar Cade
OFA Good
BISS BIS CH. Ironwoods Cade OFA Good Am CH. Donnerschlag vom Kertzenlicht CDX OFA Good
Am CH. Disco vh Brabantpark
OFA Good
Friendships Midnite Sadie, TT 
OFA Excellent, CERF, Thyroid, Elbows Normal
Am/Can CH. Birch Hill's Quincy CD, TD OFA Good
Fame vom Wint Haus CD,TT OFA Good
Gamegards Do It To It
OFA Good
KS'85 BISS BIS Int'l/Am/Can CH. Bronco vom Rauberfeld SchH 3, FH  HD-FREI Int'l CH. Benno vom Allgauer Tor 
Centa vom Durschtal SchH III, FH
Gamegards Black Britt (UK) OFA Rohirrim Seilglinde
Gamegards Vita
Select CH. 
Gamegard's PDQ von Ferro, HTd
(Littersister to 2 American Champions)
OFA Good, OFA Heart, CERF

Certifications of PDQ's littermates:

Am CH. Gamegards Philadelphia
Gamegards Paxton

V-Rated Multi BISS Select Am/Can CH. 
Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC, HIT
OFA Good, OFA Heart
V-Rated Am/Can CH. Von der Lors Braxx Nelson
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CERF
BISS, BIS CH. Nelson vh Brabantpark
OFA Excellent
Friendships Midnite Sadie, TT 
OFA Excellent, CERF, Thyroid, Elbows Normal
Gamegards Hexa
OFA Good
BISS BIS CH. Ironwoods Cade
OFA Good
Gamegards Do It To It  OFA Good
Am CH. Gamegard's Kubuki  OFA Fair Maik vom Siedlerpfad 
Int'l CH. Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH III, FH
Int'l CH. Cendy vom Siedlerpfad 
SchH I, AD
Am CH. Gamegard's Femme Fatale  OFA Fair Srigo's Loaded for Bear
Gamegard's Black Britt

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