Braxenburg Babies!!

Duff and Dazie @ 4-months old


Braxenburg's Dazed and Confused
...on her first modelling shoot!

Many thanks to Lynn, Andre and Julie for your un-wavering help, and support with these puppies...
and PICTURES!!!!!

~ Braxenburg's Kashmir ~ TESSA  (09/02/01 - 10/04/01)

** After a 4-day battle, I have lost my first puppy to an accident, Sergio & family, I am devastated, and without any words..I'm Sorry **  Thanks to Tammy, Lizzie, Lisa and my two adored Veterinarians, for making Tessa's crossing over the bridge a peaceful journey.

* Tessa, I know you are watching your littermates playing, from your special Rottweiler puppies-only soft, downy cloud.  One day, you will be re-joined by your entire family...your parents, your littermates and me.  Wait for us, little one. *

Dogspeed, Tessa.

The Milk Bar...Puppies @ 4-weeks.
Dayzie, Tessa, and Duff (AT 12 LBS!!)

DAZIE @ 3-weeks
DAZIE @ 3-weeks
     DAZIE & TESSA @ 3-weeks
DAZIE @ 3-weeks
DUFF @ 3-weeks
DUFF @ 3-weeks

Ahh--puppy porn

Yep..that's DUFF in the background!

DAZIE @ 4-weeks


Donnie and KD would like to announce the birth of their babies...1 boy, and 2 girls, on September 2, 2001!
Multi V-Rated Select BOSS 
CH. Braxenburg's Donnie Brasco, CD
OVC Hips/Elbows, CERF '01, OFA Heart
V-3 Rated 
CH. Kreeksides Constant Craving 
OFA Excellent, OVC Elbows, CERF' 01, OFA Heart
Donnie and KD puppies Born September 2, 2001
2 Girls, 1 Boy

Wow!  What a quick and easy birth.  This was KD's first litter, but coupled with athleticism, muscular body, and powerful muscles, you would not believe how easy these pups were born.  KD has been swimming almost daily, up to last Thursday, and went for a hike through a wonderful trail on Saturday, the day before the birth!

With these puppies, I am hoping to shorten KD's length of back, with Donnie's help....Donnie offers a short, tight back, with incredible head, body and temperament, dark pigment, angles, and bone.

KD will hopefully offer her incredible bone, *excellent* temperament, dark pigment, movement, typey head, more front and rear angulation to her puppies, as well as larger size..  Coupled with Donnie's short, straight topline, angles, temperament, type, this litter should be outstanding!

This is a linebreeding on 
Multi BISS V-Rated Am/Can CH. Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC, HIC, bringing a Ferro son to a Ferro grand-daughter.

I am very pleased with our Ferro offspring, and this linebred litter was planned since the day we acquired KD.

The in-breeding co-efficient for this litter is 12.6%

Congratulations to the new owners:

Julie W., Snickers, & Santana (Girl)
Sergio M.  (Girl) 
Roy D. (The Boy)

Keep checking back for new pictures!  I can program HTML in Notepad, write code in my sleep, write Java...but yad think that I could figure out the digital camera??!?!?  NOT!


Puppies Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents  Gr-Great-Grandparents
Multi V-Rated BOSS Select CH. Braxenburg's Donnie Brasco, CD, HIC
V-Rated Multi BISS Select Am/Can CH. 
Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC, HIC
Multi BIS, Multi BISS Am CH. 
Von der Lors Braxx Nelson, CGC
Multi BIS, Multi BISS Am CH. Nelson v.h. Brabantpark
Friendships Midnite Sadie
Gamegards Hexa BIS, BISS Am CH. 
Ironwood's Cade, CD, CGC
Gamegards Do It To It
Damien's Rozina von Secord Multi BISS (3X), Multi BIS (10X) Select CH. I'm Oliver von Damien, CD, CGC, RTD Am/Can CH. 
Wyreglen's Archangel, CD
CH. Damien's Akaylie
Helena von Damien CH. Damien's A Sly Guy, CD
Jane von Stommeln
(Pink Papered)
V-3 CH. 
Kreeksides Constant Craving

OFA Excellent, OFA Heart, CERF, Thyroid Normal, OVC Elbows

V-1 Am CH. 
Gamegards Limited Edition, CD, PT

OFA Good

Am CH. 
Von der Lors Alydar Cade
Ironwood's Cade, CD, CGC
Friendships Midnite Sadie
Gamegards Do It To It KS' 84 Int'l/Am/Can CH. Bronco vom Rauberfeld, SchH III, FH,AD
Gamegards Black Britt (UK)
Select CH. 
Gamegards PDQ von Ferro

OFA Good, CERF, OFA Heart, OVC Elbows

V-Rated Multi BISS Select Am/Can CH. 
Von der Lors Ferro Braxx, CGC, HIC
Multi BIS, Multi BISS Am CH. 
Von der Lors Braxx Nelson, CGC
Gamegards Hexa
Am CH. 
Gamegards Kubuki
Maik vom Siedlerpfad SchH I
Am CH. 
Gamegards Femme Fatale